Friday, March 2, 2012

A poem Tim and I wrote for Jared's student of the week assignment for school. It's been "a while", I know understatement, since I've posted anything

I know a boy who can swim in the sea

or kick like a champ, or pop a wheelie

If you want to see a boy run like a Cheetah

who will run really hard in a race just to beat ya

You could travel far and search quite a while,

or just look up front at the boy with a smile,

Jared's his name and playing's his game

Unless he's needed to work just the same

in most circumstances

to pick up a shovel, or load up the dishes

He'll stack all the wood and bring in some more

to the house for the fire to keep us all warm.

He loves to work hard along side his Dad,

and sing and sing and that makes Mom glad

Sometimes when not running or riding his bike

or kicking or throwing a ball with delight,

He may be out sailing, or reading a book

or riding a horse by himself for a look.

He's as strong as an ox as you probably know,

but, his strength from within is what helps him to grow.

I'm sure when he's taller more handsome and cool

he'll also be helpful and kind to you too.

There's more to this story that hasn't been told

We think he's done quite a lot for a 7 year old

This is our boy we're presenting to you

We love him so much, and we'll end with: Adieu.

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